Gulfstream G150


Gulfstream G150 Jet Charters from Apollo Jets are always popular with executive and private jet charter travelers. When it comes to private jets, the word ‘Gulfstream’ is the first that comes to mind for many people. This jet replaced the G100 model and fully lives up to the standards of performance and reliability that all Gulfstream jets have become known for.

Coast to Coast flight range and then some! Gulfstream G150 Jet charters fly at a faster cruising speed than most all other midsize jets, meaning your time getting from airport to airport is greatly reduced. Even with these increased travel times and speed the direct operating cost is much lower that other jets in the same class. For example, some of the destinations that are possible nonstop in the G150 are below.

Gulfstream G150 Nonstop Flights Range Possibilities:

  • New York to Los Angeles in under six hours
  • California to Hawaii
  • London to Bahrain
  • Caracas to Buenos Aires