Citation XLS/Citation XLS+


Citation XLS+ Charter Jets from Apollo Jets are an improved version of the already popular XLS and has upgraded engines to help boost performance. This midsize jet has incredible handling and smooth quick flights with enough room for nine passengers in a comfortable, quiet cabin.

The cabin in the Citation XLS+ Charter Jet is almost 6 feet high meaning that all passengers can feel comfortable standing up or boarding the aircraft. Added to this are seats that are a few inches wider than other midsize jet seats as well as adjustable headrests, LED lighting, fold out tables and more. When you add these features to the improved engines you get a charter jet that both performs and delivers on quality.

There is plenty of room to store you stuff while flying this charter jet, including an internal closet with 10 cubic feet of space. Triple sealed doors and windows minimize noise making it easy to carry on a conversation or get some much needed rest before getting to your destination.