Learjet 60


Learjet 60 Jet Charters from Apollo Jets are another strong choice in the mid size jet class and have a strong following among certain private aircraft travelers. Classified as a midsized jet, the Learjet 60 is large enough to hold 7 or 8 passengers but most importantly there is ample cabin and elbow room for everyone. This level of space and comfort isn’t found in every jet and is one of the bigger reasons that people charter Learjet 60 jets with Apollo Jets.

Get some work done and be productive while you travel or just sit back and relax. Fold out working space and other amenities to help keep you connected to the ground and online are available in some Learjet 60 models, ensuring you won’t miss a beat while you travel. Not interested in work and just relaxing? You can just sit back with a cup of coffee while your pilot lets the turbofan engines bring your jet up to altitude and off to your next airport or destination.

Midsize jet Learjet 60 charters are a great choice for transcontinental flights and it is always better when you book in advance and guarantee you can get to and from your destination on the right schedule.