Hawker 800/Hawker 800XP


Hawker 800XP Jet Charters from Apollo Jets is popular for international, intercontinental and transcontinental flights. Most cabins on this midsize jet are configured for 8 passengers and a few upgrades and improvements have been made over the similar Hawker 400XP.

Adjustable seating in the cabin with seats that swivel and adjust means all charter jet passengers can stay comfortable and talk with anyone in the cabin as the pilot takes you from country to country in Europe or across the U.S. on a transcontinental private flight. Another popular feature with the Hawker 800xp jet charter is the ability to access the baggage compartment in flight, and the more than 45+ cubic feet of luggage capacity available.

With fast climbing speeds and high altitude capability to keep you above any weather or other traffic, this is midsize charter is as flexible as it is comfortable. Shorter than average runways are often not a problem with the Hawker 800XP’s ability to takeoff quickly and quickly on a short runway.