Falcon 50/Falcon 50EX


The Falcon 50EX is an updated model of the original Falcon 50. The update means the Falcon 50EX cruises faster at high altitudes; flies further, and burns less fuel. The aircraft carries up to 9 passengers and has a 2 man flight crew. Work tables fold out between facing seats so work can be completed in-flight. Power plugs are also available for laptops and other office equipment. Temperature control is separate for the cockpit and the cabin, allowing both parties to be comfortable in-flight.

It is recognizable by its low/swept wing and three very noticeable rear fuselage mounted engines. The tail has the recognizable number two engine at its base, swept tailfin and low-mounted swept tailplane. Each side of the fuselage has 7 cabin windows. The Falcon 50EX cruises at speeds up to 480 knots and has a range of 3528 nautical miles.