Citation Latitude


The Cessna Citation models have been a staple for luxurious private air travel for years and it is no different with the Citation Latitude. The first flight of the Latitude was on February 18 of 2014 and it showed the world what it means to be transported in comfort and style. It is powered by twin Pratt & Whitney PW306D1 FADEC-controlled turbofan engines that give this aircraft impressive performance.

No expense was spared when it comes to the luxurious interior of the Latitude. It boasts a six foot cabin height and one of the largest cabin cross sections that you will find in the midsize class. Being equipped with the latest technology like touch screen cabin controls, Wi-Fi, and more the Citation Latitude allows you to travel hassle free and be productive as needed.

If you are looking for the perfect midsize jet to be transported safely and comfortably in then look no further than the Cessna Latitude and charter one today.