Cessna CJ1a


Cessna CJ1 Citations charters include some improvements in economy and performance over the original Cessna Citation and makes for a popular light jet charter. This is a light twin engine corporate jet that can fly up to 6 passengers. Flying on the CJ1 offers a smoother ride than similar turbo prop planes and when the jet is in the air after takeoff the stability becomes especially evident.

Sometimes this aircraft is also referred to in the aviation industry as the Cessna 525 Jet, this plane is popular among executives looking for business charters. With an airspeed approaching 400mph there is plenty of power to get back and forth to offices, client meetings or other destination. The body size of Cessna CJ1 Charters also allows for a lot of flexibility when traveling to regional or small airports with different runway lengths. If you’re are really looking for a flight with a comfortable ride and stays very stable in the air, this is the right charter flight for you.