Beechjet 400A


Beechjet 400A Charter Jets from Apollo Jets are strong contender for shorter range trips focused on speed, comfort and reasonable economy. Like all the light jet charter options offered by Apollo Jets, this aircraft appeals to corporate travelers and executives that need to get from place to place quickly and reliably. The Beechjet 400A charter jet is an improvement on an existing Beechjet 400 model and boasts some key improvements and upgrades.

Beechjet 400A Charter Advantages

  • Increased Payload – Whether you are flying solo or traveling with 6 or 7 other passenger this jet’s improved capacity assures that all the luggage, bags, suitcases and other items you need can come along for the trip.
  • Improved Cabin Sound – All light jet charter flights are going to have some degree of noise when you are in the air. The cabin in the Beechjet 400A has been designed to help minimize flight noise, making it easier to relax or talk with other passengers.
  • Rear Lavatory – An important and necessary luxury when traveling by private jet is having your own bathroom, and the rear lavatory on this light jet provides piece of mind and comfort for any extend trips or airport delays.

Originally, this Beechcraft 400A aircraft was designed as the Mitsubishi MU-300 Diamond, and steady improvements and developments continued to be made. When you book a Beechjet 400A charter you are booking one of the stronger contenders in all the light jet class. Refined cabin sound improvements, increase fuel and swiveling chairs are just some of the draws to this aircraft and even pilots recommend this for private jet travel.